Harvard IWL

What is the Havard Institute for World Literature?

Please take a moment to look at the Harvard IWL website and consider applying for the July 2022 session online, once registration opens: https://iwl.fas.harvard.edu/

In previous years, the UCSB students chosen for the program received full financial support, covering fees and expenses, from generous grants provided by the GCLR's partners at UCSB.

How to apply? 

Check the HIWL website directly for information about the application process. Applications will be reviewed by the IWL admissions committee on a rolling basis through February 1, 2022, but you should send your materials to GCLR Director Sven Spieker by Monday, January 4th, 2022.


Some responses from UCSB graduate students who attended the past two years of the Harvard Institute for World Literature (IWL):

Richard Nedjat-Haiem: 

I wish to thank the GCLR for this funding opportunity to participate in the 2021 Harvard IWL. It was wonderful to take the Seminar on "Exiles, Migrants, and Refugees" with Venkat Mani which really impacted my understanding on the Persian diaspora I am a part of and will be working on for my second exam. The colloquial was especially enjoyable to share ones worth in a diverse and welcoming group of peers from all over the world.


Olga Faccani: 

I would definitely recommend this important program to my friends and colleagues at the University, and I especially think that this is a unique and invaluable opportunity for international students like myself: students can establish long-lasting connections and bonds with other scholars from all over the world and become part of a Global Network, where differences are celebrated and international approaches are encouraged.

Sebastian Stratan:

The texts we read or reread, both fictional and theoretical, introduced me to new ways of approaching not only literature and other artistic endeavors, but knowledge in general. Exploring these texts with first-rate scholars that are changing the way literature is studied and produced as we speak, and attending multiple and fascinating talks and presentations almost every day, was an opportunity for which I am grateful to the Graduate Center for Literary Research.

Marcel Strobel:

As a first-year international PhD student in comparative literature, I was truly excited to participate in this year’s Harvard IWL and develop my analytical literary skills in a very unique environment. The amount of positive and supportive feedback that I received was incredibly helpful in determining the future direction of my studies but also in gaining the courage to pursue the research that I pursue. Therefore, the experience that I gained at the IWL was truly unique and I really hope that other students from my program will benefit from it in the future.

Aili Pettersson-Peeker:

Participating in the 2020 Harvard Institute for World Literature was an invaluably inspiring intellectual experience to me. The institute expanded my knowledge about the rich and growing field of world literature and opened my eyes to sub-genres within this field that I didn’t know existed before. The institute also helped me make new contacts with scholars all over the world. Because of the infrastructure set up for sharing contact information, research interests, and ideas with each other, I now have contacts from across the globe and from a range of different disciplines that I look forward to collaborating with for conferences, panels, and publications in my future career. Being part of such a vibrant global intellectual community, particularly in these times, was a truly inspiring and energizing experience.