Congratulations to the three finalists from our Fall Roundtable Workshop: Carmen Araujo, Christene D'anca, and James Nate Nicols! Carmen presented “Dialogical exchange and the invention of fictions as a tool for transformation in Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote and two short stories", Christene D'anca presented "Translating Identity: Andrei Codrescu and Cultural Multilingualism", and James Nicols presented on "Discerning Disjunctions in Raúl Ruiz's A TV Dante". Carmen, Christene, and James received sustained feedback on their projects from graduate peers in Spanish and Portuguese, English, Feminist Studies, Film and Media Studies, Comparative Literature, Art, and Religious Studies. We wish Carmen, Chrsistene, and James the best of luck at their future conferences, and extend a formal congratulations to James, whose paper has recently been accepted for publication! If you're interested in submitting for the upcoming Winter Roundtable, please see our Roundtables and Travel Grants Page.


Reflecting on distinguished disability scholar Dr. Tanya Titchkosky's recent talk on representations of disability in university life and society as a whole, Amelia Faircloth of the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts' article "The Need for a New Normal: Looking at Disability on Campus" shares more considerations about academic commitment to serving students with disabilities through inclusion initiatives, agreeing that public perception must shift before these intiatives can truly take hold, in order to bring them in from what Titchkosky calls the "edges of inclusion". 

We invite graduate students interested in exploring the cultural, cognitive, performative, representational, and technological facets of remembering and forgetting to join the Memory Studies Graduate Research Working Group (GRWG). A cross-disciplinary field, Memory Studies tackles the multifaceted relations between history and memory, past and present, testimony and witnessing, ethics and politics, and the role of visual, digital, and global media in enacting and performing memory work. If you are interested in joining, please write to Sven Spieker.  

Recent Events

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Katerina Clark, the B.E. Bensinger Professor of Comparative Literature and of Salvic Languages and Literatures at Yale University, for her talk entitled "A Persian Poet in Stalin's Russia: Abolquasem Lahuti in Tajikstan". Dr. Clark's talk will be the inagural lecture of "Art and Literary Exchange Between Iran, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, and Russia in the 20th Century", the 2021-2022 Colloquium Series of the Iranian Studies Initiative in collaboration with the UCSB Graduate Center for Literary Research. 
  1. October 30, 2021 - 11:00am

Our Fall Roundtable will take place this Friday, November 5th starting promptly at 4:00 and ending at 5:00 pm PST, at Mosher Alumni Hall's beautiful Rose Miller Sky Terrace, located outside on the fourth floor of the Mosher Alumni House, which, in addition to being safer than gathering indoors, also offers us the dramatic, panoramic views of Goleta Beach, Santa Ynez Mountains and campus to enjoy. We will enjoy each other's company, as well as wine and cheese courtesy of SB Wine and Cheese company, as we come together (in person!) to offer our three roundtable finalists our constructive feedback and support. Please remember to bring a warm jacket, an appetite, and we'll see you there! 

  1. November 5, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Students and faculty, please join us this Friday, October 22 from 4-5 pm PST for the GCLR’s 2021/22 yearly (online) Meet & Greet, a great opportunity to meet new students as well as GCLR Board members. We will be joined by our incoming GCLR Fellows, Carissa Martin and Han Hao, for an informal discussion about interdiciplinarity and their shared research interests in ancient Greek literature. Other highlights will include welcoming past participants Dustin Lovett and Wendy Sun who will speak about their application process and experience attending the Harvard Institute for World Literature, our upcoming plans for the annual Spring conference "Forked Tongues" and how to get involved, and hearing from our managing editor Rachel Feldman and two of our editorial leads, Christene D'anca and Margarita Delcheva, about the next steps for Exchanges, our forthcoming graduate student responsive journal. We look forward to seeing you Friday! 

  1. October 22, 2021 - 4:00pm

Our third and final installment of our series on Disability Studies (DS), the "Cripping UCSB" Distinguished Faculty Lecture, will be delivered by Dr. Tanya Titchkosky, Professor in Social Justice Education at OISE at the the University of Toronto. Professor Titchkosky's talk is entitled "Humanity’s Edge: Encounters though Disability Studies” and will take place November 10, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm PST on Zoom. 

  1. November 10, 2021 - 4:00pm