Memory Studies Graduate Research Working Group Now Accepting New Members

We invite graduate students interested in exploring the cultural, cognitive, performative, representational, and technological facets of remembering and forgetting to join the Memory Studies Graduate Research Working Group (GRWG). A cross-disciplinary field, Memory Studies tackles the multifaceted relations between history and memory, past and present, testimony and witnessing, ethics and politics, and the role of visual, digital, and global media in enacting and performing memory work. UCSB scholars involved in this field explore historical studies and remembering cultures; memory and restorative justice; museums, memory, and materiality; Holocaust and genocide studies; gender, memory, and postmemory; counter-memories and acts of countering; remembering and environmental matters. Scholars also examine art and memory: memory, literature, and cognition; artistic forms of palimpsestic and transgenerational remembrance; rememory, heritage and creative practice; remembering with acoustic and mapping technologies. If you are interested in joining, please write to Sven Spieker