Situating Recent Iranian Modern and Contemporary Art Scholarship: Pamela Karimi (UMass Dartmouth) and Maryam Athari (Northwestern University)

In recent years, we have witnessed a fortunate upsurge in the publication of books dedicated to the exploration of various facets of Iranian modern and contemporary art. These publications have significantly contributed to our understanding of Iranian artistic culture, illuminating its diverse manifestations and the intricate complexities that underlie them.

The Graduate Center for Literary Research at UCSB is pleased to host three separate events that brings together three distinguished scholars, each of whom has recently authored a work on Iranian art in the twentieth century. These authors will engage in discussions with emerging scholars who work on Iranian art, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas. By placing Iranian art scholarship in conversation with scholars from different institutions worldwide, these dialogues promise to offer insights and deepen our critical understanding of the multifaceted landscape of Iranian art and its position in the global scene. 

Please join us on Zoom for the first event of this seriees on Friday, April 5, at 9am PST. 

To register for this Zoom event, please use this link.