Applying to a GCLR Roundtable

The GCLR rountables are held twice a year, in Fall and Winter. During those quarters the research coordinator will put out a call for papers to various departments in the humanities and post the call for papers on the GCLR website, at which point submissions will be collected. The research coordinator along with the board members will select three submissions. Finalists will deliver their 15-20 minute "paper-in-progress" before engaging in an informal dialogue and Q&A session with each other and our attendees. Finalists will be expected to give feedback to each other.

The goal of the roundtable is two-fold: to receive interdisciplinary feedback as well as prepare graduate students at any stage of their research to be ready to talk to someone outside of their field about what their work is trying to achieve and why it is important, therefore preparing them for grant and fellowship opportunities as well as the job market. 

Check the announcment section on the GCLR Homepage regularly throughout those quarters for an opportunity to submit your work. Successful participants qualify for the following opportunities: 1) GCLR support for attending a conference with the paper they gave at the Roundtable, see the menu point "Applying for a Travel Grant" for details; and 2) an invitation to adapt their paper for publication in the annual GCLR responsive journal Exchanges. 

Contact Kate Saubestre ( with the Subject Line "GCLR Roundtables" with any related questions.