Applying for a Travel Grant

Students who successfully present a paper at a GCLR roundtable can apply for a GCLR travel grant of up to $500 if they plan to apply, or have applied, for participation in a major conference or professional meeting.* The idea is that participants will develop the paper given at the GCLR roundtable for the conference.** 

In order to qualify for the travel grant, successful GCLR Roundtable participants should email the following documents to the GCLR director ( and to Katrhryn Lunger at the IHC (

Before the conference, send to both the GCLR Director and the IHC:

  1. a cover letter addressed to GCLR Director Sven Spieker indicating the conference venue, title of paper, and dates of travel;
  2. a copy of the official invitation to the conference;
  3. a copy of your listing on the GCLR Roundtable program to show that the paoper you presented at the Roundtable and the conference paper have the same theme.

After the conference, send to both the GCLR Director and the IHC:

      1. Receipts of travel-related expenses (e.g. an airplane ticket; hotel). You must provide originals of expenses (not copies) in order to be reimbursed after returning from the *The GCLR travel grant can be received only once. 

Contact Kathryn Lunger ( with any questions related to the administraton of the travel grants, and Sven Spieker ( for general questions related to the grants. 

* In light of travel and conference restrictions in place due to Covid-19, travel funds will be held for later distribution. 

**The travel grant can be received only once.